Mastermind contestant

He’s started. Nobody knows how he’ll finish

Most of you will have spoken to our technical consultant, David Love; some of you will have even seen him in the flesh. If you would like to see more of him, stay tuned to BBC 2 on Friday nights when he will be appearing in the current series of Mastermind. His specialist subject will be the life and works of English composer, Ralph Vaughan Williams. We were initially informed that David’s heat would be broadcast in April but it has just been confirmed that it will be shown on Friday 2nd March 2012 at 8.30pm. We cannot tell you if his appearance was a triumph or a disaster as he is sworn to secrecy. All we know is that he did not wear the same jacket that he wears every day to work.

For any of our clients that don’t know, David is also a recording artist. He is well known in many folk clubs in and around the Black Country area. We do have some of his C.D’s available that we just can’t, well err, give away. Please contact us should you wish to expand your musical horizons. David is nevertheless proud of the fact that he sold 200 within the first couple of weeks of release in 1997 which is about the same as the official sales of the first Genesis album over a similar time span! Unfortunately the parallels end there.