Mastermind Grand Final

David Love’s quest along the BBC Mastermind 2011/12 trail ended in qualified success as he finished a noble third in the Grand Final screened on Friday May the 11th. His score of 28 points (no passes), including 14 on his specialist subject Tom Lehrer, was not enough to trouble the winner Dr Garry Grant, who’s excellent score of 35 included a breath-taking 19 on Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises. A philosophical David said: “My wife was a bit disappointed because she’d been hoping for something to put floating candles in. Still, I’d have only given a glass bowl about 6 months in our house anyway.”

He went on to reflect upon who the real winner had been: “OK – so Garry got a vase and a day out on a windy Scottish beach. I went to America and back at the licence payer’s expense. Just do the maths!”

David had always insisted this would be his last attempt at the Mastermind title. However, having got within sniffing distance he is no longer so sure: “I get the feeling that there’s unfinished business…”