UK tax revenues set to break new records

Research has confirmed what your pocket already knows: UK taxes are at historically high levels. Measuring how taxes have changed over time involves much more than simply looking at tax rates. Politicians are well aware of this, but they also … Continue reading

Higher workplace pension contributions on the way

New legislation has paved the way for important changes to automatic enrolment in workplace pensions. At the start of October, automatic enrolment in workplace pension schemes quietly celebrated its eleventh anniversary. The latest data (April 2021) from the Office for … Continue reading

UK house price decline continues

The rise in mortgage rates since early 2022 has taken its toll on house prices. Source: Nationwide, ONS. In 2023, an annual fall in house prices has become an almost standard news item around the turn of the month, when … Continue reading

Powers of attorney move one step closer to the digital age

The administration of lasting powers of attorney (LPA) is on its way to becoming fully online. In an ideal world, you should have an LPA (or its Scottish or Northern Ireland equivalent) sitting beside your will. The absence of either … Continue reading

Savings rates: don’t be caught in the numbers net

National Savings & Investments has launched two top of the savings league table one-year bonds, but the headline rates may not be your net return. The primary role of National Savings & Investments (NS&I) is “cost-effective financing for the government.” … Continue reading