China: ever larger, ever changing

The Chinese stock market broke the $10 trillion barrier in October. Source: The total value of China’s stock markets in Shanghai and Shenzhen surpassed $10 trillion in October. For comparison, the UK market was worth about $4 trillion at … Continue reading

Some light in the dividend tunnel

A recent report on UK dividend payments suggests the worst of the cuts may be over. Source: Link Asset Services First, the bad news: In the third quarter of 2020, total (regular and special) dividend payments from UK companies were … Continue reading

Extended self-employed support measures under new lockdown

With the second lockdown now in place, the Chancellor has been forced to return to Parliament and announce extended job support measures. Two further grants under the SEISS were announced in September and have now been updated. The government’s new … Continue reading

Market update: a quieter quarter

The third quarter of 2020 saw share markets calmer than in the previous two. Index 2020 Q3 Change FTSE 100 -4.9% FTSE All-Share -3.8% Dow Jones Industrial +8.0% Standard & Poor’s 500 +8.5% Nikkei 225 +4.0% Euro Stoxx 50 (€) … Continue reading

National Savings wields the axe

National Savings rate to drop sharply from 24 November. At times, National Savings & Investments (NS&I) looks like a relic. Its role in raising money for the government has seemed an increasing anachronism for three main reasons: The amount NS&I … Continue reading