Spiking inflation: what’s going on?

In April, UK inflation reached a level not seen since the early 1980s – many people’s entire adult lives. Source: ONS. UK inflation was widely expected to jump in April as the new Ofgem utility price cap took effect. Nevertheless, … Continue reading

The Chancellor’s May economy statement: all about energy

In late May, the Chancellor announced new measures to counter the rising cost of living, in particular energy prices. Source: Ofgem. Initial measures for 2022 In early February 2022, the Chancellor announced a package of measures to reduce the impact … Continue reading

Buy-to-let tax changes bite with rising interest rates

Changes to tax rules made some years ago could soon inflict financial pain as interest rates rise. In the post-election Budget of 2015, the then Chancellor, George Osborne, announced a surprise set of changes to the tax rules for buy-to-let … Continue reading

Pension tax relief knowledge gap

How well is the tax relief on pensions understood? Research suggests not well at all, potentially undermining saving motivations. Of late, HMRC has been publishing past research that had previously been kept under wraps. One interesting document to emerge details … Continue reading

Higher rate taxpayers: no longer a select club

Higher rate taxpayer numbers are rising sharply, and if that’s you, then independent financial advice is now more important than ever. Source: ONS data, OBR projections. There was once a time when paying tax at more than the basic rate … Continue reading