How We Work

As it is unlikely that every investor will have the same priorities, we begin by conducting an initial assessment of your current financial situation and then explore your objectives, taking into account the time span of every identified goal, whether short, medium or long term. We will, of course, develop an investment strategy and advise on appropriate tax wrappers but, crucially, we will also offer a view on whether or not your objectives are actually achievable given the time frames involved and your attitude to risk. On occasions we may advise a client that he does not need to take as much risk with an investment as he feels he ought.  Conversely there may also be circumstances when we need to make it clear that an objective is unlikely to be obtained without exposure to a greater level of risk.

Here is a summary of what we aim to achieve in our various meetings.

The Initial Meeting

  • An initial exploratory meeting to determine your financial circumstances.
  • A discussion and consideration of short, medium and long term financial goals.
  • A discussion and explanation of the concept of investment risk to establish your attitude to risk.
  • A general introduction to asset classes and our investment philosophy.
  • A fact find to enable Chamberlain to understand your existing financial provisions including wills and trusts.
  • A discussion of any other particular issue of interest or concern.
  • Confirmation of Chamberlain’s fee structure to ensure that recommendations are not product or commission biased.
  • A discussion of our approach to Wealth Management and the introduction of the Chamberlain Wealth Management Investment Philosophy.

The first meeting is without obligation and at no cost to you.

Investment Planning Meeting

  • A recap of information gathered at our initial meeting.
  • A summary of initial findings along with appropriate and relevant observations.
  • A presentation and discussion of strategy options and the application of our investment philosophy tailored to your attitude to risk.
  • Formulation of an investment plan.
  • Discussion and explanation of tax structures.

The Mutual Commitment

  • A resume of the recommended investment plan.
  • Confirmation of acceptance of the investment plan.
  • Completion of initial documentation.
  • Regular updates on your circumstances and objectives

The Review Service

  • Regular review: An analysis of your portfolio investment allocation with re-balancing if necessary.
  • Provision of regular valuations.  An opportunity to discuss any change of circumstance or risk profile.
  • Unlimited telephone and email access to your adviser and support staff.
  • Face to face meeting as required.
  • Regular monitoring of investment market conditions with portfolio re-balancing as circumstances dictate.
  • Ongoing exploration of new ideas from whatever source they may originate.
  • Review of tax structure as appropriate with changes in legislation and regulations.

In Addition

  • Phone calls and emails dealt with in a timely manner.
  • On-line access to portfolio valuations.
  • Ad hoc valuations on portfolio whenever required.
  • Ongoing support and advice given.
  • Introductions to other suitable professional specialists as other needs arise.