Our Core Principles

We believe that  putting clients at the focus of all we do cannot be achieved by producing inane mission statements and simply ticking off items on a checklist.  We would consider the following to be fundamental:


Our clients are our business.  We want to build long-term relationships and we do not believe this is possible by constantly peddling the latest fashionable product.  Sometimes we may need to challenge your strategies  if we are concerned that they might not be to your long-term advantage.  It is important that we know our clients as individuals so that we can fully understand their goals and motivation.

Consultation and Communication

We will make no amendment to your financial arrangements without your agreement.  We do not operate on a discretionary basis and will always make sure that you have the facts you need to understand the reasoning behind any recommendation.


We understand the importance of confidentiality to our clients.  This is why we will not divulge any information that you give us about yourself or your business to any third party without your agreement.


You will understand that financial advice has to be paid for just as you would expect to pay a lawyer or accountant.  We will always make the cost of advice clear, whether this is with respect to direct fees or any indirect costs incurred via investment fund managers or product providers.