I highly recommend Natasha and have been pleased with all the advice that has been given to me. I always feel that my best interests are at the heart of any advice given. Natasha is always helpful and explains everything so that I understand what any advice means for me.

I could not have embarked on my retirement journey without Natasha's help and advice. And I look forward to many more years of continued support. Thank you Natasha.

-Rachel N - Keighley

I have worked closely with Natasha over the last few years. She has helped me to successfully navigate my finances through divorce, promotions and shifting priorities. She is tremendously responsive, thoughtful, and knowledgeable within her field. Most importantly, she is very pleasant to work with and I feel she is personally invested in finding the best solutions for me.

-Claire H - Bedfordshire

Very good communication from all staff. Easy access to sort out minor queries. The general approach to investments, by spreading the risk makes a lot of sense to me.

-Roger K - Leicestershire

I would wholly recommend Robert. He and his team work collaboratively and fully understand the concept of 'Customer Care' - it is a pleasure to be able to recommend him.

-Bonny H - Lincolnshire

I have known CWM (Robert Pryjmachuk) for several years. I have found both Robert and the team at CWM to be most helpful and professional. They have never forced a financial decision on us but work with us to achieve common goals.

We have a frank and open relationship and negotiate outcomes that satisfy supplier/customer requirement.

-Bob G - Warwickshire

Robert spends a great deal of time understanding your requirements and helping you come to the right decision on investments. His team provide really good updates that are clear and highlight the progress of our investments.

-Peter G - Staffordshire

We have been very pleased with everything Robert has done, we accept all the advice he offers and it has worked very well for us. He has been looking after our finances for a number of years and we are happy for him to continue.

-Mr & Mrs G- West Midlands

Robert and his staff communicate regularly and clearly. Questions are answered promptly and advice is thought out and delivered very professionally. Robert listens well and offers extremely relevant and helpful input prior to any financial decisions being taken. Always approachable.

-David G - Surrey

Robert is very knowledgeable about the industry and has the ability to understand his clients needs, requirements and attitude to risk.

-Jonathan W - West Yorkshire

At last and after many pitfalls we have an advisor who is looking after my interests and not their own. Robert has offered excellent advice and now manages my pension and savings. Communication all through the company is excellent. We really feel that we are being cared for and looked after.

-Peter B - Leicestershire

My advisers strengths are as follows:
1. Understands my financial expectations and policy towards risk and continues to apply the standard consistently without any pressure to change my views.
2. I have regular reviews on my portfolio and proactively receive information on new financial opportunities that reflect my risk levels and details of changes in financial and tax legislation via a monthly newsletter.
3. Is always available to respond to requests for information and to discuss any points I may have regarding my investments - I am usually able to talk to Robert the same day as I make a request.
4. The office staff are very professional and respond quickly and thoroughly to any administrative tasks that need to be completed.
5. Finally, and most importantly, Robert has been very successful at developing my portfolio and I have had no hesitation in recommending his services to other close family members.

It is very difficult to find fault with the service provided by Robert - both him and his team work really hard at delivering a quality and value-added service. I am genuinely struggling to make a suggestion of how he could do things better

-Jeff T - West Midlands

To me the investment world is a minefield and I would be very hesitant to go it alone. From the first moment I met Robert Pryjmachuk, he totally understood my situation and advised accordingly. He was not 'pushy' in any way and explained things clearly. He was recommended to me and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to others. He is friendly and easy to talk to, but is also a true professional.

The whole team are brilliant. If you have a query they are usually able to provide an answer immediately. If not they get back to you very quickly. Cannot fault them.

-Sheila S - Warwickshire

Robert is able to communicate well and simplify wealth management. His strategy and philosophy for financial planning is based on good common sense together with strong financial knowledge. The advice provided by Robert also takes into consideration your personal preferences and age and he will always let you know if he does not agree with a direction you would like to follow.

-Steve B - Worcestershire