Nurture Summer 2023

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31 July: an important deadline for pension provision

If you have gaps in your national insurance contributions (NICs) record, then 31 July should be marked on your calendar. The introduction of the new state pension in April 2016 was one of the most significant reforms to state benefits … Continue reading

The FCA’s unusual warning on trusts

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has issued a warning on some trust services. An asset protection trust might sound like a good idea if you have assets you wish to protect. Unfortunately, the reality may be rather different, as the … Continue reading

SPA increase to 68 deferred

The government has deferred its decision on when to raise the State Pension age (SPA) to 68. In the US drama series, The West Wing, the day before the parliamentary recess was referred to as “Take out the Trash Day”. … Continue reading

Bank deposit protection set to rise?

The recent problems in the banking world have raised questions around the current maximum protection for bank deposits: is it overdue for an increase? The figure of £85,000 is one you might have regularly seen in articles (or some adverts) … Continue reading

More taxpayers moving to higher rate

Figures released alongside the Budget have highlighted a projected surge in the number of people who will pay more than the basic rate of tax. Source: OBR, HMRC. Both the Budget and the Autumn Statement are usually accompanied by a … Continue reading

Minding the gap: NICs top-up deadline extended

The rush to meet the voluntary national insurance contributions (NICs) top-up deadline of 5 April has forced HMRC to grant an extension to 31 July. The last major reform to state pensions took effect on 6 April 2016. From that … Continue reading

Automatic enrolment and pension contribution reforms

A new government bill indicates that a change to the automatic enrolment minimum age, and increases to workplace pension contributions, could be on the horizon. Private members’ bills rarely get far in the parliamentary process. They all too easily fall … Continue reading

The Budget surprise: changes to the pension tax rules

New measures affecting pension allowances announced in the March Budget could mean your retirement planning strategy needs to be reviewed. If Jeremy Hunt did produce a ‘rabbit-out-the-hat’ in his Spring Budget, it was the announcement of the effective abolition of … Continue reading

A trio of Budget measures for childcare

The Budget announced three important changes to childcare provisions in England, but one trap remains. The cost of childcare has become a hot topic in recent years. Despite increasing demand, in March 2022 the number of childcare places available had … Continue reading

Bereavement benefits extended to unmarried couples

The eligibility for some bereavement payments has now been extended to unmarried couples, but there are two major caveats. In 2021, just over one in five couples living together were cohabiting but not married or in a civil partnership. Despite … Continue reading

Nurture Spring 2023

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The UK dividend recovery continues

New research shows that UK companies continued to increase their dividend payments to investors in 2022, albeit at a much slower pace than in 2019. As memories of the Covid-19 pandemic begin to fade, it is easy to forget the … Continue reading

The rising cost of retirement

How much income do you actually need in retirement? New research shows an increase that might surprise you. In 2019, the Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association (PLSA) published research examining how much three different levels of retirement living standards would … Continue reading