2023: The year of disinflation

At the start of 2023, the Prime Minister pledged to halve inflation. The goal was reached, but how much credit can he take for the achievement? Source: ONS Inflation across 2023, as measured by the Consumer Prices Index (CPI) ended … Continue reading

The future of the State pension

Public opinion is pessimistic about the future of the State pension. Ask yourself these two questions: Do you believe that the State pension will be around in 30 years’ time? Do you think that the State pension will keep pace … Continue reading

On your marks – an early Spring Budget for 2024

A date to note in this year’s calendar is the early Spring Budget on Wednesday 6 March. The Treasury issued a press release in the time between Christmas and the New Year revealing the Spring Budget date, a week earlier … Continue reading

HMRC, eBay and second-hand news

The media storm surrounding HMRC taxing eBay and other online sellers from the start of 2024 was, in fact, itself counterfeit goods. A crop of stories across social and traditional media swirled across the start of the new year about … Continue reading

A revamp for individual savings accounts

From 6 April 2024, individual savings account (ISA) rules will be changing, mostly for the better. In April, ISAs will celebrate their 25th birthday. However, the ISA was hardly a new-born back in 1999, as it was effectively a reworking … Continue reading