New rules on pension drawdown and investment

From February new rules apply if you choose pension drawdown but do so without taking advice. The Covid-19 pandemic has deferred many events of all sizes, from the Tokyo Olympics to millions of foreign holidays. One of the less prominent … Continue reading

Covid-19 measures: 8 January 2021 update

As the third Covid-19 lockdown took effect on 5 January 2021, the Chancellor announced a further £4.6 billion in grants to the retail, hospitality and leisure sectors. This new round of support follows extensions to the job retention and loan … Continue reading

When I’m 66 – SPA’s latest milestone

The latest phasing of State Pension Age (SPA) increase is now finished. On 6 October 2020, the SPA reached 66. Unless current legislation is changed, it will remain there until 6 April 2026, at which point the next increase, to … Continue reading

Not the Autumn Budget or the Autumn Statement

The Chancellor’s November ‘Financial Statement’ revealed more spending and more government borrowing, but no mention of tax rises.  Source: Office for Budget Responsibility The UK budgetary cycle is in something of a mess at present. In 2019, unusually there was … Continue reading

Fireworks in November

November was an exciting month for the world’s stock markets. Source: November was an exhilarating month on the world’s stock markets, as the graph above illustrates. It cannot be said that many experts – bar room or otherwise – … Continue reading