When it comes to funds, the best advice is personal

The recent problems with the suspension of dealings in a heavily promoted UK equity income fund have exposed the blurred line between advice and guidance. According to the Investment Association (IA), there are around 3,500 funds on sale in the … Continue reading

2019 defies analysts’ predictions

The world’s share markets had a buoyant first six months. Index 2019 H1 Change FTSE 100 + 10.4% FTSE All-Share + 10.4% Dow Jones Industrial + 14.0% Standard & Poor’s 500 + 17.3% Nikkei 225 + 6.3% Euro Stoxx 50 … Continue reading

How well do you understand inheritance tax?

A survey by HMRC published in May concluded that the public have a relatively poor knowledge of inheritance tax (IHT) rules and lack of confidence in what they do know. HMRC recently commissioned a survey of 947 people who had … Continue reading

Dividends wobble with 40% cuts

Recent dividend announcements have been an unwelcome reminder for some investors that peaks also have downsides. Dividends matter to investors in UK shares. The UK stock market has historically been one of the higher yielding of the world’s major share … Continue reading

Brave new world of UBI?

If those three letters mean nothing to you now, they may do soon. Universal Basic Income (UBI) has become a topic attracting attention among some think-tanks and political parties, both in the UK and overseas. The idea behind UBI is … Continue reading