Asset Allocation

All investment, ultimately, comprises at least one of four elements, or a mix of them, i.e. Cash, Property, Fixed Interest and Equities although there would be a case for adding to these four a Commodity asset class and a hybrid category for arrangements such as structured products that involve exposure to risks and rewards from a combination of asset classes.

We will discuss your attitude to investment risk at length and also complete a risk assessment questionnaire with the aim of ascertaining your level of tolerance for investment volatility.  We will recommend an appropriate spread of investment with individual investments selected from the asset classes mentioned above, in proportions that deliver a level of volatility (and therefore a risk/reward ratio) that reflect your appetite for risk.

We will monitor your portfolio on a regular basis to ensure that the asset spread remains appropriate and at least once a year we will review your initial risk rating to ensure that it has not changed in response to changes in your circumstances.